How to prep for the big chem clean out when it’s not your thing

Are you one of those people who really want to detox your home from all those nasty chemicals but you just keep ignoring it, because….ugh, it’s hard. And you don’t care how the Aussie chem laws haven’t been updated since the 50’s or that they WILL stick that crap on the supermarket shelves knowing it will poison us over time.

I hear ya. It’s painful thinking about where to start, where to finish and what the heck to do in the middle if it isn’t your passion. I know you have no desire to use the task as a joyous, one way street to happyville. That just won’t do it for you.

But hooray, you’re in luck. There are people like me. I love this work and I can help you turn around the crazy chem house you currently live in quickly and without all the hype and overload of info.

How to prep yourself to be a detox warrior when you don’t really want to be an expert.

1. Ask yourself this simple question during shopping: Do I really need more of x, y or z if I already have ten types? Do you need more sugary, processed cereals, do you need another germ resitant bench top spray or the newest jasmine scented fabric softener? Start by leaving it at the shops. (I’ll fill you in in a later blog on what to use instead) walk  away…. walk away….

2. Know your hot spots or dumping grounds for chem laden products in your home. Helllloo kitchen, bathroom and laundry. What’s in those cupboards anyway?

3. Be prepared to make the changes. You don’t need to be the expert, but if you know enough to want the change then you need to, you know, be ready to change. Why do you want to do it? And are you prepared to do the work?

Really, that’s it. Stop buying more chemicals, know where they build up in your home and be ready to make some changes.

This might seem simplistic, but that’s the A, B and C to getting started.

I’ll be bringing you some practical first steps to take soon.


Positive Ions – This Doesn’t Suck

You know what doesn’t suck? Living this close to amazing beaches. If you want to talk about living as toxin free as possible, then we cannot ignore the massive benefits that we get from the positive ions mother nature provides so willingly. Get amongst it! 🙂



Today’s positive ions proudly sponsored by Nobby’s Beach, Newcastle, Australia and brought to you by Mother Nature. No substitutes necessary.

Living the life

What an amazing place we live in. Newcastle Australia, surrounded by all that is good in the world, nature wise. I flew to Brisbane yesterday and we went straight over Stockton Beach. Some of the largest beach sand dunes in the world.



Winter Fair



This morning I watched the local Winter Fair Parade from my bedroom window. Didn’t have to get dressed, so it was the perfect event for me. I may even go down and get me some fairy floss….. so long as I do not bring it home, my home shall remain chem tox free, right?

Lazy Sunday beginnings of Spring


Driving around the lovely coastline of home in Newcastle Australia. It was sooo nice today. This pic doesn’t really capture it, but I was too busy loving the day to be a photographer. The first tiny hint of seasonal change is starting to creep in. Winter is a little bit of a downer for me. I crave the sunshine and mild temps. 

But basking in the southerly Winters I do appreciate the cozy heated bedroom, the 2 day long simmered nourishing beef and chicken stocks and the gas heated, never ending hot water. So, super shoutouts for the minimal goods I can come up with.

What’s your fav season? Do you go crazy for the sun or love the chill?

Why this article about Homeopathy annoyed me.

So, this article appeared on my Facebook newsfeed a few times in the past few days, and I avoided commenting, because really I just didn’t know where to start. Then a friend personally posted the link with a comment onto my newsfeed and I thought, well, yeah I have something to say! She probably knew that I would. lol

So here is the link to the article: Homeopathy dismissed by National Health and Medical Research Council review

What makes me so mad about this article is the absolute egotistical methods of the mainstream medical community (not that this surprises me). I love science and I believe in research and using evidence based methods to qualify medicine and thereby how we qualify healthcare. This article fails in 2 ways though, in my opinion.

Firstly, it says that there is no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective for treating health conditions. There are 2 things to note here. One is that there IS evidence based material to suggest homeopathy is effective in treating health conditions, so that’s a lie. Secondly, whilst it’s true that there isn’t as much evidence as mainstream medicines, there is an obvious reason for this. No one wants to pay for research into homeopathics (or other natural or alternative treatments). Most clinical research is funded by multinational corporations who have vested interests in the outcomes. They often are or a linked to pharmaceutical companies who do not want to bring to light evidence in other treatments besides what they can mechanically produce in a laboratory. Why would they pay for research into medicines and treatments that they cannot control or be paid for. The people that really want to know can’t afford to find out.

The second way this fails is that science can be extremely arrogant! We in no way have a full scientific understanding of how a human body works on a cellular level. Oh sure, we have the basics covered, we can name the bits and pieces and give an idea of how each piece performs, but seriously 200 years ago, most of the wider global community still thought the earth was flat. To assume we understand the be all and end all of how the human body works is arrogant. This arrogance is often perpetuated by self important men with superiority complexes (don’t get your knickers in a knot here, I’m generalising I know). Why this needs to be brought to attention is, because there are millions of people with enormous amounts of anecdotal evidence that is completely discounted by mainstream medical establishment and the wider scientific community. That being, that if we can’t prove by the current model how someone got well via an alternative route in healthcare, then it simply hasn’t happened and isn’t a fact. Even when the person themselves is standing there attesting to their wellness. Yep, arrogance!

I personally believe we have so much more to learn on a biological level, Currently the body is thought to be made up from individual components that we often fail to recognize as working together. We have an individualistic approach to healthcare in mainstream medicine. If the heart is not working properly, then the focus is purely on that one organ, if the liver is not working properly, then again we focus on the problem organ. That’s not how the body’s systems work. There’s a unity and a oneness that our cells know about but we fail to acknowledge. The whole body’s systems work as one, including your spirit, your emotional status, those things you cannot see and therefore are discounted as being important in your wellness. The millions of people who currently subscribe to natural and alternative health care know this, and so do their practitioners. Don’t count anecdotal evidence out.

Of course this is only my opinion since it is not scientifically proven. Don’t get me wrong, as I said earlier, I love science and I get that the authority currently has to go by the model that is globally accepted in the scientific community. Hopefully that model will change in time, but if you are an individual seeking health and wellness then I urge you to think for yourself and be thoroughly involved in your personal healthcare. Don’t be lazy and put your health completely in someone else’s hands with no idea whats going on. A lot of people don’t even understand their illness. Believe me, if you aren’t vested in your wellness, no one else will be either. You have a right to ask question, to ask for explanations (in laymans terms if need be) and you should be provided that with more than just a few scientifically researched chemical pills and without a hefty dose of arrogance to go with it!!

Mothers Day

My decadent Mothers Day double breaky! I had the best day!



My First ‘Toxic Free’ Mothers Day Musing

Today I’m not going to write about the toxins in our home in the literal sense. My business name is Domestic Detox and I included the ‘and other musings’ to my blog so I could have the freedom to discuss a few other things that come up in family life. So today’s the day that I get to let my creative writing side pop out. 🙂

It’s Mothers Day here in Australia and I have had a wonderful day so far. I received a beautiful 2 course late breakfast in bed. Grain free banana pancakes with maple syrup and then poached eggs on hash brown with bacon and mushrooms cooked in coconut oil and butter with home made hollandaise sauce. Very special.

With all that goes into being a mother these days, do we take on too much? It can be the most challenging thing we women do. Not to say that dads get a cakewalk, but today is Mothers Day, so let’s stay on track here!

So do we take on more than our fair share? Are men more able to say no to extra tasks? Lately I have been thinking its very important to be honest with other people about what I feel I can tackle, without being run off my feet. I am learning to prioritise and have begun to really value my time. I’m wondering if women who have trouble valuing themselves, also don’t value their time and therefore agree to everything that’s requested of them, presenting a facade of I can do it all. Then we become those super busy women who have their hand in every pot except their own. Interesting. How far can they go? How long until they crack? Who suffers? As the mother, if they do not say ‘no’ to ‘too much on their plate’ do their children and family always come last? Even though super mum makes it to every class recital, every dance lesson, every soccer game, meets every work commitment, cooks, cleans and is there for her friends. Is she really present? I think when I have been busy supermum, perhaps I wasn’t really present because really, I checked out a lot. I wasn’t listening to anyone, because I was too darn busy focusing on every darn thing! So when I thought I was busy and meeting everyone’s needs and keeping up with it all, really, you could have told me the sky was caving in and I would’ve said ‘well that’s typical, nevermind things will pick up’ which is probably not very helpful and code for I don’t have time for this.

This will be something I take note to focus on with all the new commitments I do have and I’m glad I’ve caught on now. I want to be present because I know how it feels when others aren’t with me. I don’t know how good I will be at it initially, I have always struggled with time management. However, it’s something that will evolve over time if I keep it in the forefront of my mind. I’m also a terrible procrastinator, but that’s another topic! Lol.

Leaving it at that, my first online ponder and observation of my own human nature. What’s your advice? Do you do supermum really well and meaningfully, or if you really stop and think about it are you missing a few things? Perhaps you don’t know? It’s worth exploring. 🙂

Hard Core Or Hardly Care? Where do you stand!

I know how confusing it can be when you first start clearing all the chemical crapola out of your home, diet and life. It’s bloody painful! Where to start, what to do first, how to decide on each thing and what to prioritize. It feels hard because it is! Hopefully though, we can come up with a few ideas to help in sorting some of these beginner issues out.

So where do you stand with all of this? you’ve decided to find out a bit more, you’ve figured out that most of the *stuff* in your pantry, under the kitchen sink, in the laundry and around the house can be harmful and even downright dangerous. But how hard should you go at getting rid of it all?

You might be surprised that even seasoned Chemical Declutterers sometimes still really struggle with how hard core we should get. I mean seriously, if I went as hard at it as I wanted to, my family would be living atop the Himalayan mountains drinking fermented buffalo milk and chewing the fat with the indigenous folk. That is unlikely to happen, my kids are addicted to modern life and have a gazillion electrical products, so there is like a buckleys chance in hell that they will go!! Besides there’s more of them than us, so I’m not taking the chance of winning that fight. Soooooo, in light of that, how should we keep the balance?

I tend to go with the 80/20 rule. That being that we do what we know is safe 80% of the time and the other 20% of the time we relax a little. We let a few things slide, because they are not on our radar today. Sometimes it’s the food we had at a restaurant, sometimes we can’t get our favourite chem safe laundry powder and sometimes finances control our budget and things don’t stretch as far this shop. And you know what, it’s ok. It’s ok to let things slide here and there if we know that we have a bunch of other things covered that day, week, month etc. It’s ok to accept that we’re human and that sometimes we can only do so much. Here’s a few reasons I think are ok for putting on your 20 list today.

It’s bound to happen, you’ve sourced out a few excellent products and they’re a little bit expensive but, it’s ok, you’ve budgeted well and they fit in the weekly shop. 3 months later, uh oh, it’s hubby’s birthday, or a big electricity bill comes in. Before you know it you’re making what seems like a life decision over shampoo. Oh no, should I pay the bill or buy the shampoo? (simplified I know, but go with me here, 😉 ). What to do? You pay the darn bill! You buy the next best chemically safe option you can afford and you move on. You’ll know you’re not so happy with the choice, but you also know it’ll be one of your priorities next shop. So it’s ok. 80/20!

Stress is not good for your health. Really, it is not worth having serious sleepless nights over this. If you find that you are getting too stressed over what to eat, what to put in the soap dispenser, what mattress to buy, what candles to use in the house. Then just stop. Take a step back to re-assess. I mean, don’t get so laid back that you drop the ball completely, but really, chill out a bit. Stress will kill you quicker than most other things, so it’s vitally important to take stock and remember the really important things in life. I mean this stuff is super important too, but it’s ok to take a day out, re adjust your household priorities and come back to it tomorrow.

If you are delaying making changes at all, because you don’t know what to change first, then write a list. Start out small, take baby steps. I’ve mentioned this in a previous post. Don’t do nothing because you don’t know what to do first, but just do one thing! This will help you work up to the level of 80/20. You won’t get to a level you’re comfortable with unless you start somewhere. So pick something within the realms of what brought you to decide to go chem safe in the first place and start there. Perhaps you start with your bathroom one item at a time.

So how do you feel about this? There should definitely be some things that you will not consider putting on your 20 list, because you just cannot let certain things slide. But, that’s where your priorities can help you out when you need to pull back for whatever reason. You should know what is important for you and your family, so that you know what you are happy to relax on when the time comes. When things are free from stress and financial burden then continue to strive forward into new areas in the house and clean those up. Doing this consistently will help you accept the tough times much better because you know you are doing the best you can, when you can.

Feel better? Give yourself a big pat on the back. You’re doing what you can with what you know today. Tomorrow you’ll know a bit more and you can action that out then. 🙂

If you’re not doing anything then wth? Get started! Do something! Right now, today! Unless you’re too stressed then……..just feel better gosh darn it! This is important! 😉 xx

Nature being all pretty


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